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My Thoughts on Educational Blogs

I have viewed multiple education blogs and from looking at these blogs I learned quite a lot. The first thing that I learned is that there are so many blogs out there and they are all so different. There could be two blogs on the same subject but they are never the exact same.

Another thing I learned from looking at blogs is that that there are so many different uses for a blog. For example one person used their blog to only make resources for teachers available such as apps for teachers to use. A few blogs were used to share their classroom stories and experiences/work. There was also a couple that shared solely their opinions/ views on all things education for example technology, classroom settings, lighting being connected with learning etc. And I came across a blog that gave out some suggestions and advice on juggling a classroom and personal life.

The main thing I learned is how much we can actually learn from other’s blogs. By using their advice, information, opinions, experiences, and views we can get more information on how we can use/do things in the classroom. It is a great way to share things from one teacher to another and by using blogs and gaining ideas we can better connect the community to technology such as blogs.

My 3 Favorite Blogs I Have Viewed

Blog 1 “Madly Learning” madly learning

 This blog is worth the time to read and follow because of the amazing advice it gives to teachers. She talks about the many different situations you can have when you are a teacher such as “how to teach a split class.” She also talks about how to set up a classroom, and how to make it through the first day of school.

Another reason I really like this blog is that she has advice on how she teaches multiple subjects of math, science, language arts, and social studies. Having advice on how to teach and do activities for multiple subjects could be very beneficial to be able to access in one spot.

Another thing I really like about this blog is that she has available resources you can buy directly from her blog. This is really neat you are looking for something to spice up your classroom or just looking to see what there is, that you can use for your class and it’s all seen being used in the blog. So if you like it you could purchase it.

This blog is a good example of getting ideas and advice from someone’s blog. This is definitely a blog I could see myself coming back to when I become a teacher and am looking for a little advice or some ideas.

Blog 2 “ Mrs. Keller’s Kindergarten” Mrs. Keller’s Blog

 This blog is worth the time to read and follow because it is a great example of sharing your ideas and what you do in the classroom. This is a blog I could see myself using just to gain ideas off of her when it comes to teaching and the classroom.

This blog contains a lot of pictures and descriptions on what they do throughout a day. There are so many different fun explanations on activities and lessons they have done that I could see myself wanting to use in the future. For example there is a bunch of activities they had done on the 100th day of school that I would consider using in my future classroom. Another lesson she posted that I would consider is when they learned about nouns; she posted the video they used along with a picture of what they came up with together as a class. This is something I would consider using if I ever have to teach nouns.

Another feature I noticed and loved about this blog is she has a blurb at the bottom of the newest blog explaining what they are going to learn about next week. I like this because this gives parents an opportunity if they so wish to introduce the students to it or get the students excited. It’s nice for the parents to know what their students are learning.

And finally the last thing I liked about this blog was that it had a resources page. This page contained a schedule for the parents, a parent packet, community resources connecting students to bus routes and community information. All things that parents and students should be aware of.

This is definitely a blog I will use in the future.

Blog 3 “Runde’s Room” Rundes Room

This blog is one I feel is worth the read and follow because there are such great ideas that a teacher can take from it. Just like the first blog I wrote about there are multiple subjects and ideas on how to do activities and different techniques that work for this class. She has Literacy ideas, math, and arts. This gives a great variety of different things you can do.

The next part I like about this blog is the tab for family fun. This tab gives out fun activities, crafts, Thanksgiving and more ideas in which parents can do with their children at home.

I also love how you can shop from the blog to find resources and things you can use in your classroom. This blog doesn’t have pictures and shows you don’t actually need pictures of your students (though that not a bad thing to have either) to make the blog an educational blog. So if parents say no to having their pictures online you could always just post the work without the pictures. I would definitely come back to this blog in the future.



2 thoughts on “Educational Blogs

  1. Hi Brianne,
    I thought your comment about Mrs. Keller’s class was useful and is something I would definitely like to explore. The way you described how she blogs is very easy to follow and I haven’t thought about blogging about the work the students did. That will be something I would use in the future. Also, I really liked the way the blogger uses many resources and will be useful for the readers. I believe sharing resources with others will help all educators and be more successful by using outside resources.
    Tanai Wilkins


  2. Hello Brianne,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading and visiting the sites that you have picked as your top three educational blogs. You can tell you have put a large amount of effort and thought on each blog which made your post very enjoyable to read. When you were talking about Ms. Runde’s classroom blog, I found the part about the parent tab to be very interesting that I had to look for myself. I also could see this being a great idea for engaging families at home with what their children are learning in school! Overall, great work and I can’t wait to read more about your blogging experiences.

    Kennedy Werre


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