QR Scavenger Hunts in the Classroom

In my EDTS325 class we completed a QR code Scavenger Hunt around the college using the app Goosechase. Personally I loved this experience. From a student’s perspective, the layout of the app itself was amazing. It had the tasks you completed disappear and this made it easy to keep track of the ones you had to complete still. This enhanced the student’s ability to move to the next one faster, like a race. From a teacher’s point of view, it was awesome that the teacher could see submissions as they come and even mark them along the way. This would make marking and seeing participation a much faster process.

I can definitely see myself using Goosechase in my future classroom. The possibilities on how Goosechase could be used in the classroom are endless. I would find ways to use Goosechase to make boring subjects fun! One way I could see myself using them is for spelling; I could have words on the QR codes and have them find objects that go with the words. For example, the QR codes would say pencil and the students would find a pencil and take picture with it and so on. First group done wins. Goosechase is a great way to keep your class engaged and ensure the students are having fun.


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