Using Storybird in the classroom

The app I used to create my project was Storybird. I found this to be really fun to make, I love reading and writing so it is definitely something I can see myself using in the future. In this app you get to explore illustrations from artists that they put on there and create a story around those illustrations. The illustrations are beautiful and the possibilities of stories are endless.

The one downside to this app is the fact you can only use one artist’s illustrations for your work. You cannot mix and match different pictures, this makes sense because as a real writer you would only have one, but was very difficult for the writing process. For example the first picture I found I really wanted to use and had a completely different view on how to go with the story. But I found out that the illustrator only had two other photos and I really wanted my story to be longer than only three pages. As a writer it is very difficult to write from pictures, and can almost be seen as a challenge. I was very time consuming looking for an illustrator who had multiple and similar pictures to carry on through a story. but even with this hiccup, it was still fun to create with. One more downside was that I couldn’t really find away to add anything within the app. I tried to add a video or even a link to something to my story but I couldn’t seem to be able to.

An upside to this app is how you could use this app in a classroom. This has the capability of being a great assignment for students. The amount of creativity this could express or even creative writing would be great to use. For example students who are learning about poetry could each go on there and find a picture that they like and write a poem about it. (there is a teacher’s account available for inviting students to create separate parts of a big assignment) After the book is created the teacher can then print it out and buy the book containing the student’s work.

The way that the app itself is setup is great. It has the instructions right on the page and was clear and easy to follow. I was able to look through the photos and easily put my story together. The second most time consuming part of the creative process next to finding a illustrator is writing the story itself. This is bound to happen because you can’t really practice or prep before going the website. Another thing I really liked about the layout was that teachers can create classes and invite students. This makes it really great learning tool. And finally the layout was great for storing your books and creating an open space for teachers to share stories with other educators.

The way I would use this in my classroom in the future is determined on what grades I end up teaching. If I become an early elementary school teacher I will use this to create relevant stories for students and topics I know they would enjoy and understand, and then read it to the students. If I were a higher elementary teacher I may do what I mentioned above, I would have students find a picture and write a poem or story. There are so many possibilities with storybird and I know I will use it in the future.

My final product from this assignment turned out great! I created the book with storybird, I then used a screen casting site I never used before to record me reading the book. finally I downloaded it to a quicktime player and added music in through quicktime player as well. I think It turned out great, and some students may find it easier to read and follow along to a recording than reading themselves, especially if they are still learning. I hope other future teachers decide to use storybird in their classrooms as well!

link to my final product video!


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