Nearpod, Digital Citizenship, and My Digital Footprint

Part 1 Sites we used in the Classroom and Digital Citizenship


Today in my EDTS 325 class we used the site nearpod as a class. I have to say I loved using this site. As a teacher I loved how the questions/instructions and all of the information was on the student’s computers and they could follow along with the teacher. This would be great if students are sick or miss a day. The way you could get students from home to participate is to have the time and code on a blog like this that students can and know to access where they can log on and follow along.

I also loved the variety of questions and activities you could do. You could have the students draw a picture; use multiple choice and even long and short answers. The one downfall to this app was the price $$$ it costs a bit of money. If the school had this program I would most definitely use it in my classroom, but if I had to buy it on my own I cant see myself using it. The app spiral (which is free) is much similar to this one.

Informational race/Digital Citizenship 

Another app we used in class was spiral where we got to go on a bit of a race for information. This experience taught me a lot about digital citizenship and really triggered some concerns in my teacher point of view. During our experience we were told to go to several sites where we would find certain information to fill in the answer to certain questions. One question instructed us to go to a site for Mankato Minnesota where we were told to go to find some information on what you could do there for fun. Now if you visit that site you would see stuff like “come see our riverfront” not everyone was quick to realize that in Minnesota there are no riverfronts, we were in a race and were focused more on winning.

If you look closer at the links at the bottom of the website there are crazy links to crazy places. One being a link saying “the end of the internet” and once you click it you are taken to a page with lots of stop signs. Another crazy link on this site is one that says “Martha Stuart behind bars” which takes you to a picture of a magazine of Martha Stuart being behind bars.

The Website here

The reason that this as a teacher concerns me is because when students are in a rush or on a deadline they don’t always stop to read the fine print and explore the credibility of the site. If us second year college students who have sat in over 20 library sessions on how to tell credibility still got caught up in it for this experience whose to say that our students will too? As future teachers it’s good that we were able to experience this so we know it happens and we have to teach our students that not everything we learn online is credible. We also need to show them how to find the information and sites that are. I learned that even under stress of a deadline or winning we have to stop and read and think about what we are reading/repeating because this could get in the way of our teaching and learning. We have to think about it before completing it. I can definitely see myself using this website and activity as an example of what non credible sources looks like in my future classroom to ensure that students read first.

Part 2 My Digital Footprint

In class today we got talking about our digital footprints. We talked about the fact that everything you put out there stays out there, and when employers look to hire someone they look that person up on the Internet. This got me thinking about my digital footprint. I came to the realization that my digital footprint doesn’t contain a lot of Personal Networks but I do have a few that I could improve my teacher image.

I keep strict privacy settings on most of my personal networking sites so a lot of people cannot see anything on my profiles unless they are my friend or have permission. The reason I have this set up is not because I have horrible things I don’t want others to see but the fact that I like privacy from the internet, the way that the whole world even strangers can see my profiles freaks me out a bit. For this EDTS 325 class I have had to set up a teacher twitter and blog so those are completely teacher friendly.

I have a personal twitter but I do not use it at all, I have no posts and have an egg profile picture. I would definitely continue to use my teacher twitter account in the future. Students and parents would mostly see on my teacher twitter I use it as a resource for information and educational wisdom. There is nothing bad on it at all and I would be okay for a superintendent or even parents to see it.

The second teacher friendly resource that I have set up from this class is my blog. This blog I am definitely going to use in the future for my students and their parents to access information on the classroom. I am going to keep it 100% student teacher friendly and easy to access and go to for questions and information.

The next personal network I have is Facebook. This is one I have locked tight. I feel that if anyone did see my profile (if we had a mutual friend and the mutual friend could see my profile) I would be okay. I really don’t post anything bad at all even in my past. I was never big into using facebook as a place to air dirty laundry but to rather keep in touch with family and friends. When I become a teacher I may do it differently than just keeping privacy settings like maybe change my name or make another profile and keep teacher friendly (Miss Mathieson) have assignments as my status updates. If I have two and I give them my one handle they might think that I only have that facebook account. Again I don’t know if I will do this for sure. My facebook is locked tight and there really isn’t anything unprofessional on there. I would have to be in that classroom to see what I would do for sure.

The last personal network I have is instagram. This is also one that is locked up tight. Again not for a particular reason other than the fact that I do not like sharing a lot of my personal life out there. My instagram is really lame I have maybe 4 pictures for some reason I update and add content once every year. I don’t even know if I will do anything with this because there isn’t anything on it and I am not too worried about mutual friends because there isn’t anything to see.

I do have a youtube but I don’t enjoy using it. I feel that when I become a teacher I may make that more teacher friendly by only adding content like screen casts for information if needed. I think I might just stop using it all together there are so many other ways to get information out there like using the blog and posting videos on there, that is something I would rather use than youtube.

I did a test and I looked up my name on Google none of my personal sites popped up at all. I did this because I wanted to see what others see if they looked up my name. The only image that popped up under Google images is my avatar, which is okay for me. The reason it is good to look yourself up is to see what others see. You want to give yourself a good image online especially while looking for a job or maintaining one. You need to be aware that everything you do online is permanent and that it could bit you in the butt later in life.

If the superintendent looked at me and asked “What social media are you on and what does it tell about you?” I would answer honestly and say I’m not on a lot and they all say I am boring. I use twitter for information and rarely post anything on facebook and instagram. I am a boring person when it comes to my personal networks.


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